Trout Point needs your help

Please do not hate the messenger folks but the homemade tent and the shoes and garbage with it, were left on the beach at Trout Point. Trout Point is property owned by the US Navy. They are already talking about not having the budget for its upkeep and maintenance. ONLY residents of Heron’s Forest have been granted access to the Point, which is recorded, along with the rights and responsibilities, in our mortgage documents and our Association’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. If you do not live here, please do not trespass through our neighborhood and then on to US Navy property and leave your garbage. The Point is not a recreational beach. It is a wildlife sanctuary and houses birds and animals that are protected. The forests are also under the control of the State of Florida. We are honored to have the privilege of walking through the trails and walking the beach in their home.
If you live in Heron’s Forest and recognize these items, kindly retrieve them and keep in mind these privileges can withdrawn at the Navy’s discretion. Please do let our privilege get revoked by the misbehavior of the few or unsupervised. 

tent and trash left at Trout Point
tent and trash left at Trout Point

One thought on “Trout Point needs your help

  1. Kathy Denkler says:

    You’ve probably noticed that the Navy or Herons’ covered the garbage container opening and removed the inside can. Therefore people are to remove their own garbage. Makes sense. Just like at the beach Some of us pickup garbage either left there or that floats in on the water from other areas.