Message from President HFPOA 4/21/20

Hi, everybody!

Just want to thank everyone for their diligence and cooperation observing the social distancing standards these past few weeks. We have had no reports from anyone who has observed any noncompliance. I didn’t really expect to have a problem, but I personally have been so thankful to have an alternative to staying in my house all day for days on end. So, pat yourselves on the back! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


On my daily walks around the neighborhood, I have noticed that many of you have been transforming your yards, and some of you must be doing the inside of the house too! That too is better than being stuck in front of the electronics all day. I usually don’t open the ECUA bill to read their newsletter (I recycle it) so I assume some of you don’t read it, either.  This month I did, and it is relevant to all of your ongoing projects. I will summarize in case anyone has missed it. Remember, these are ECUA’s rules not Association’s.

Bulk Pickup – We qualify for weekly bulk pickup, which includes furniture and items too large for can disposal. There is no need to call to schedule pickup.

Yard Clean Up Debris – All residents may leave up to 20 yard waste bags (preferably compostable paper bags). Guidelines: Do not use your garbage or recycle can for this waste. Place bags within two feet of curb and out of the roadway. Limit the bags’ size to 32 gal and weight to 40 lbs. Cut limbs cannot exceed 40 lbs or 6 feet in length. Loose limbs must be in manageable piles that do not exceed 6ftW x 6ftD x 6ftH.

For this time of year, if collection is missed, it will occur the next day.

Placement of Cans – Please place your cans at least 3ft from the mailboxes, fire hydrants, the neighbors’ cans and overhanging trees. Keep vehicles and toys out the streets.


Speaking of leaves (sort of), I have received some complaints about the leaves from the oaks in the common areas. Our Landscape Contractor is going to ride with the crews to observe their work, now that “the Bloom” is subsiding. I will be interested to hear how they do in the coming two weeks. Feel free to let me know if you do/do not see any progress in that regard.

Several of your neighbors have been using the new pickleball courts and are really enjoying them. If you want to learn how to play, wander on down when they are on the courts. Someone will show you how!

Congratulations to all the High School and College seniors who should have graduated in front of their friends and family this year! Your accomplishments are in no way diminished by the virus. The celebration is sure to be sweeter when you can gather again.

Stay safe and healthy! 

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

2 thoughts on “Message from President HFPOA 4/21/20

  1. Thom Roache says:

    Please see above!

  2. Thom Roache says:

    Dear Susan:
    I have recently received letter from our Property management company that leaves me highly distressed and in wonderment if we are getting proper/good service, or simple wasting our money.
    First[ they addressed the letter to me,Thomas, and Erin, I have no idea who “Erin” is but my wife wants to know. Secondly; they contend the yard is unsightly ends needs to be maintained. The yard is cut as once ever 7-10 days and the hedges are trimmed as necessary. Thirdly; they reference a blue tarp and insist it and what is stored under it be removed. I have significant vision issues, but if someone will point the tarp out to me, I will gladly move it
    I tried to reach out to the person sending the letter, but she was unavailable, but would attempt to return my call 48 hrs if possible.
    I am a good neighbor, I am a proud property owner, I also recognize when we are not getting what we pay for. The tone and content of the letter is harassment. I will pursue it as such if Ms Parcitti continues her harassment.