HFPOA President’s message on backyard burning


I want to issue a reminder about the open burning regulations in Escambia County, especially since we are currently experiencing extremely dry and windy conditions, a recipe for fire. While open burning in the county is allowed, it is only under limited conditions, for which we, the residents of Heron’s Forest, DO NOT qualify:

Outdoor Burning Regulations (excerpted from the regulations)

·       It is illegal to burn household garbage (including paper products), treated lumber, rubber materials, tires, pesticides, paint and aerosol containers.

·       Dry (not green) vegetative debris such as grass clippings, pine straw, leaves, tree limbs and shrub trimmings can be legally burned between 8 a.m. and one hour before sunset if it is in a pile not larger than 8 ft. in diameter and located:

·       25 feet from any forested area (grasslands, brush or wildlands).

·       25 feet from your home or other combustible structure.

·       50 feet from any paved or public roadway.

·       150 feet from any occupied dwelling other than your own home.

If someone is burning their yard debris and you see it, you can call Environmental Protection at 850-595-1820. They will issue citations for burns that are not within the bounds above.

Another consideration. The pollution from the burn may aggravate some folks’ respiratory conditions. That is not something we should do while under our current situation where COVID 19 is concerned.

Please help keep your property, your neighbors, and our forests and its inhabitants safe.

–Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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