From HFPOA President 3/23/20

Hi, everyone.

I hope everyone is as safe and well as you can keep yourselves.  Just finished my walk around the neighborhood to keep my daily step count in an acceptable range.  While out, I checked on the crew working in the tennis courts. They are doing a great job.  I can’t believe the difference!!! They are so clean they shine. The crew thinks they will begin striping today, as well. The pool and tennis courts will provide welcome relief in our self-isolation.  Sunshine and water can relieve stress and boredom which most of us are suffering to some degree.

While I was at the tennis court, I met Dave King, owner of DK Irrigation Service. What an asset he is! He came a week early because he was concerned it is drier earlier than usual. He also noticed our new plantings and wanted to be sure they were being watered daily until they are established. He and our Landscape Contractor have worked on many of the same accounts over the last 25 years and so are in tune with each other.  That synergy is good for Heron’s Forest!

So, about the yards…Wow! Some of you have transformed yours! It is no wonder homes in here sell so quickly. Looking good!

Some of you have asked for a list of vendors that work in here.  This is off the top of my head and not an endorsement or advertisement. It is simply who I have seen…If some of you love your vendors and they are not on the list, let us know! Like them on our Facebook page or send me an email and I will pass it on.


·       Blue Sky Landscaping

·       Knight Landscaping

·       Edwin Cheatham

·       Executive Landscaping

Tree Trimming

·       Mac’s Trees

·       A Cut Above

·       Tri-State Trees

Pressure Washing

·       Elite Services

·       Parramour Pressure Washing

·       AquaTech

Heat and Air

·       Perdido Heat and Air

·       Anderson Heat and Air

·       Economy

Let me know if there is anything else you want to see in these emails, too.

Finally, it is so good to hear the Blue Angels practicing. I miss them when they are gone.

Susan M. Arnett, Herons Forest Property Owners Association, President 

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