Message from HOA President

Greetings, Neighbors!

I am embarrassed to say that I had hoped to send an email to the majority of the homeowners whose emails we know, long before now.  I have been wrestling with my gmail to set up the group and it has won the first round.  I am not vanquished, however, so keep watching your inboxes…Until then, it is better late than never.

Wednesday, March 4th was the first Board meeting of 2020. It was good to see so many of you there. The conversations were lively meaningful. We are grateful for your input and terrific suggestions and observations! Thank you for participating!

For those of you who missed the meeting, here are a few highlights. 

  • Our new Treasurer, Greg Jonstone, reported the financial results through the end of January. Collections of fees and payments of bills are occurring as expected.  Additionally, through March 4th, our Property Manager reported that we have received full, semi-annual or quarterly payments from all but 10 homeowners.  Prompt payment makes administering the budget so much easier. Thanks!
  • The new Chair of the Architectural Review Committee, Joe Dillard, reports that he is committed to handling Homeowner requests within 14 days, when feasible.
  • Our Communications Chair, Lynne Tobin, wants to remind everyone that we post most community news on Facebook at Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association, on the website at Around Heron’s Forest and now right here, in your email box.  Please add me to your contacts so I don’t go to Spam or Trash. 😊
  • Our Grounds Chair, Spencer Burk, updated the status of the tree trimming and landscape renovations. I am aware that it is a hot topic for just about everyone so will post/send a separate discussion of that, but essentially, we are pleased with the work. The safety of our homeowners and our property has improved, the appearance of the neighborhood is improving day by day, and by mid-Spring most of the projects we have undertaken will be completed.
  • Our Navy Liaison, Jeanine Avant, reported the Beaver Dam was breached by the Navy.   The talking points she and Spencer prepared about the risks to our homeowners’ property was persuasive enough to get them to address the problem.  Many thanks to them both!
  • The hot topics I addressed included violations management, use of the security cameras and dog waste. The most important thing about each is:
  • If you received a violation letter asking you pressure wash your we decided to delay enforcement of cleaning curbs until after the Spring bloom in late April/early May to comply. The rest of the violations will need to be addressed promptly. We will keep you informed about the attorney’s decision regarding who bears the responsibility for the curbs as soon as we hear.
  • Only the Management company has access to our security cameras. Any password you were given to the Ring Account will not work.  We need one more volunteer to sit on the Security Committee. That is the body that will review the videos in the event of a crime/incident.
  • Dog Waste – You all know who you are if you let your pet poop all over the neighborhood. PLEASE STOP!!!! We have piles up and down the trails, particularly the trail along the fence between the Navy property and Heron’s Forest.  Also, there are piles around the pool and tennis courts. When it rains the filth runs towards the pool.  It is unsanitary and unsafe and unsightly.  It is also a breach of the covenants of this association and the Escambia County ordinances. Take your dog’s poop home to your own trash can! NO letting your dog run free. They must always be leashed when not confined to your property.  (Also in the covenants and ordinances.) We have wild animals in the neighborhood, and some may have rabies. For the protection of the wild animals and your pet, do the right thing!

We talked about a lot of other subjects, as well.  If you want to participate, please free to come to the meetings. Your comments are welcome, no matter how passionately you feel about a subject.  The next meeting will be held on June 3rd at the Southwest Library on Gulf Beach Highway. If meetings do not float your boat, just shoot me an email.  I answer all my mail. If your idea/comment/suggestion is actionable, either I act on it, pass it along to the appropriate party or present it to the Board consideration.

Thank you for reading this email!

2 thoughts on “Message from HOA President

  1. Sylvia A Ronayne says:

    As Spring is upon us the Live Oaks are starting to fall in abundance! Most of us have struggled to keep the street and the drains clear of the leaves,however, I have noticed that the surrounding area to the storm drain on Rookery Rd opposite Tanager Circle is full of leaves. This will be a problem when it rains and all those leaves are swept into the storm drain and could possibly back up and clog. I have also noticed that some neighbors have not cleaned up the street in front of their residences after ECUA picks up their yard waste. This again could cause drainage problems. Some lawn contractors are blowing the leaves into the streets too. We are just beginning leaf season. Would you please remind all to take care of their leaves and to bag for ECUA removal?

  2. Lesa Vierling says:

    I live at 9601 Grallatorial Cir. The common area flower bed next to my house needs attention. I noticed that the flower beds now have straw. Are you planning on maintaining the flower bed next to my house ? I have been maintaining the flower bed ever since I moved here,
    I have continually taken care of it. And have continuously asked for straw to be put in the bed to stop the weed growth.
    Thank you for you attention in this matter