Important Message on our Security Cameras

Homeowners and Renters: Please see the important message from our Association Manager, Amanda Pacitti,  below.  This is a change from the discussion held at the Annual Meeting.  We thank Doug Krebs for bringing the system, both the hardware and software, up to date.  Our processes need to change for our current legal environment, as well. We are seeking volunteers to join the Security Committee.

Security System:  Advice was sought from HFPOA legal counsel, regarding the security system use and accessibility.  Based on Jay’s legal opinion, I have deactivated all accounts that were created to access the security cameras, except for the main owner account, which at this time, I am the only person with access.  The entire membership having access to all cameras at all times is a liability to the Association and could potentially expose the Association to a breach in privacy of the membership, regardless of the cameras being muted.  The security system should only be accessed/viewed when an event/crime has transpired, not to regularly monitor areas and people.  As a best practice, the Association should establish a Security Committee, 3 members (can be BOD members), to have the access information and ability to review the footage in the event it is needed.  This will reduce the Associations exposure and liability.  

Susan M. ArnettHerons Forest Property Owners Association, President

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