Agenda HFPOA 9/12/19

Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
SEP 12, 2019 6PM
SW Branch Escambia County Library

1. Call to Order, Roll Call
2. Proof of Notice
3. Approval of minutes from last board meeting
4. Treasurer’s Report – S. Arnett
5. Property Manager’s Report – Etheridge (new management company)
6. Committee Reports
a. Landscaping –Spencer Burke
i. New grounds maintenance contract
ii. Mosquito/Fly control ENSEC status
iii. Ground clearing around the pool area
iv. Landscape lights/pool LED lighting
v. Common area rehabilitation (Hawthorne removal)
vi. Pressure washing quotes
b. ARC –Chairman Roger Avant

c. Communications – Tobin
7. Unfinished Business:
a. Fence clearing on Gulf Beach highway (completed)
b. Tree trimming/cutting (partially completed); home owner’s responsibility for tree trimming
c. Installation of Gulf Power LED lights on existing street light poles (completed)
d. AT&T easement (need a committee to work this)
e. New Pool furniture (completed)
f. New signs (no privately owned vehicles at gravel road off Tanager and No overnight parking at pool without authorization. (Signs made, need to be installed).

8. New Business:
a. New Gate Codes
b. Next year’s vendor quotes
c. Replace pool lights with LED
d. New Gate Maintenance contract (Johnson’s Communication)
e. Installation of Bollards at exit gate
f. Road maintenance (need assessment) pooling of water
g. Security cameras upgrade (Doug Krebs)
h. HOA fees, due dates and payment options (no quarterly options or additional fee for quarterly option).
i. Committee for board of directors recruits

9. Next Scheduled Meeting will be the Annual meeting, tentatively scheduled for first week in December, venue to be determined.
10. Adjournment

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