School is back in session – help your neighbors and our children

Please do not park in the area between Grallatorial and Jabiru.

It is dangerous for the kids who may not look and dash through those parked cars.  Drivers entering the neighborhood cannot see them – especially difficult in RAIN.  Parents – you may park at the pool parking lot and walk your kids from there or meet your children at the bus stop and walk them back to your car.  Umbrellas may be necessary.  (In the words of Pensacola City Councilman Brian Spencer, “We don’t have a parking problem, we have a walking problem”.)  Parking on the north side of Grallatorial but not on the grass is also workable.  Please do not use your neighbors’ driveways as turnarounds – backing up can be a hazard for kids and it may also leave ugly tire marks on someone else’s drive.  Use the end of Grallatorial as a turnaround.  It’s also possible for a very few cars to park on the south side of Jabiru for school bus pickups and dropoffs.

Lest you think I am picking only on parents – please other drivers, have patience – it is only congested at the bus stop area for a few minutes, well maybe 10, in the morning and afternoon.  If you are blocked from a turn onto Grallatorial, please drive further down Rookery and then turn back around after the islands.

These are my comments and recommendations – I have no dogs in this fight.  I am not on the Board but serve only as a Communication outlet for all the neighbors.  Please be patient, be kind, be thoughtful – smiles go a long way.

I hope this message will help the situation and I gently ask that you not shoot the messenger.

One thought on “School is back in session – help your neighbors and our children

  1. Carol Jones says:

    Great points as well, however not just ugly black marks on driveways, but broken sprinkler heads as well. Lots of backing up on our grass.