Road Work in the Forest


Greetings from the Heron’s Forest Road Committee

On 12/17/15, during the Heron’s Forest POA annual meeting, a vote was held to approve the estimate we received from Asphalt Seal-Coating & Striping Co. Inc. to seal-coat the streets of our community. We have now set a tentative date of March 1, 2016 to begin that work.
The members of the HFPOA, as well as the employees of the asphalt company, want everyone to know we will do our best to make this process as smooth as possible, but in order for us to do so we will need the help and cooperation of all the residents of Heron’s Forest.
The process by which this is done requires the paving company to lay a thick black emulsion as early as possible each day so that it can dry by the afternoon. This means that when work begins each day the street that is being coated will be closed from the very early AM until the late PM in order to get it completed. To give you a time frame to work with, assume that when the process begins for your street, expect the street to be closed from 07:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. that day.

This is what you need to be aware of at this point:
• The work will be done in phases of one street at a time (one a day) in order to minimize disruption of your daily routine.
• The coating process will take place on weekdays, with the exception of Wednesdays, so that it does not disrupt garbage collection, no work will be performed on weekends.
• Throughout the process, the committee will communicate through distribution of literature, Facebook and/or through the HFPOA website, to let you know what is happening. The first thing you will receive, at least two weeks prior to start of work, will be a schedule of when each street is expected to be done.
• In order to get this process accomplished as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption, we need every homeowner and resident to make sure they are aware of, and completing the following:
• Vehicles will not be allowed to drive, for any reason, on the street that is being coated from the time the work begins in the very early AM until it is dry in the late PM. You will need to make sure you have made arrangements to have left your residence prior to the asphalt company
beginning work that day, and/or park your vehicles elsewhere (on another street or at the pool lot) the night before.
• The emulsion that is used in this process is water soluble, meaning it will not stick or dry correctly if it gets wet. The streets must be completely dry prior to the company beginning work each day. Every resident must make sure their sprinkler systems are turned off at least forty-eight hours prior to their street getting coated. No car washing, no pressure washing, nothing that could get the street wet or seep down to the level of the street during the night. If the asphalt company arrives on any street and finds even one home that has run its sprinkler system the night before, or the morning of the start of work, they will move that street to the back of the list. If the homeowner can not comply with the above water restrictive requirements, They can contact Perdido Sand Realty with instructions on how to turn off the irrigation system. This also means that work cannot take place if there is a rain event, or the possibility of a rain event in the forecast. If there is rain, the work will be delayed until after the threat has passed and will resume wherever the schedule left off at the time. This means that if your street was scheduled to be coated, but it rained that day, that street will be put on the back of the list for completion so that we stay on schedule.
• Delivery services will not be allowed down the street once work begins or until the street is reopened. This means your street will most likely not receive mail service that day. You will need to postpone, or reschedule, all deliveries i.e.; Lowes, UPS, FedEx, furniture deliveries, maybe even visits from friends, etc.
If we all follow these instructions we should get through the process quickly and with little problems. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Perdido Sand Realty at 850-492-2000.

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