Poop pickup required!

Lily’s walk today was disappointing.  There were 2 poop piles from big dogs that she found – one on the north corner of Foggy Bottom and Rookery and one on the south corner of Rookery and Bittern.  Sadly these corners might be considered community property but dog mess is not allowed on anyone’s property including the shared areas.  Also, the homes on these corners do NOT have dogs living there – SHAME on the dog owners who did not clean up after their pets.   People without pets have every right to be annoyed if they are left to clean this up.

Solution:  if you are walking your dog for exercise and socialization, let them do their business in their own yard before the walk and ALWAYS carry a bag (plastic from the market or newspaper) to be ready to pick up any waste.  It’s not hard!

Next time there will be photos!

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