Don’t place your yard trash on the “empty” lots

HFPOA has received a complaint from the property owner of a vacant lot regarding trash disposal by a neighbor on his lot. This owner recently received a fine notification from HFPOA for not keeping the area adjacent to the curb clear of vegetation and other debris on the lot. He was understandably upset. If this is your yard waste, please remove the debris.

ECUA picks up yard debris weekly. Dumping of trash in the greenspace areas or the wetlands which includes much of the trail system, could result in very significant fines from FDEP. Dumping debris on other owners lots will result in a fine from HFPOA and the cost of removal. Good neighbors do not need to reminded!

The following is a Facebook repost from last year:
Dumping of yard waste in the Green Space adjacent to your property is a violation of HFPOA policy and Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) rules. It can lead to fines and the cost of removing any dumped yard waste. If you observe anyone dumping waste on the trails or in the woods or wetland, notify the property manager at 850-492-2000. The FDEP will be notified and fines up to $10,000 can be levied per Florida Statute.

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