Help fill in the sink hole on Foggy Bottom’s creek

We need a few good men (and women)!  Foggy Bottom’s post flood sink hole will be repaired by volunteers on July 9th. Foggy Bottom resident Doug Krebs ( is heading up a group of volunteers to open the sink hole and fill it. It will take about 16 yards of dirt to fill it, so we need a platoon of strong, wheel barrow pushing soldiers to help. The sink hole poses a safety problem for our kids and will get even worse when we have another deluge–so please show up to help if you can. Contact Doug if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “Help fill in the sink hole on Foggy Bottom’s creek

  1. Thanks to the help of Craig and Tracy we were able to finnish the job this afternoon.

  2. Special thanks to Frank Dufon who helped fill in 2/3rds of the sink hole during the morning shift before it got to hot. Still looking for help this evening at 5pm to finish up the job.

  3. Special thanks to Craig Hoefer for single handedly opening up the sinkhole on foggy bottom this morning while i was stuck in atlanta. The dirt to fill the hole will be delivered at 9am. Please come by and help shovel.