Navy now allows pets on leash at Trout Point

From the Naval Air Station — We did change our rules at Trout Point. Copy of the sign attached is on the Heron’s Forest Facebook page. ( or click on the Facebook link to the right on this page) The only real change was to allow pets on leash. We also do not allow boating, kayaking, jet skis, swimming, or fishing but we did not put these items on the sign asthose restrictions are governed basewide and only allowed in certain MWRdirected areas.  If those things become a problem, we will need to put up more signs in the future but so far we have not seen the need to do so.  I have seen the occasional fisherman out there and usually play it by ear if Security needs to be notified as it is often harmless, but boating and swimming restrictionsare “real” enforcement actions. Please help us to spread the word of this new privilege and if anyone is discovered violating any of the rules out there send me the info and I will notify Security on a non-attribution basis.  If there are any immediate problems, don’t hesitate to call Security directly (850-452-2453) and identify yourself (or whomever calls in) as an “official” of the Trout Point Homeowner’s Assoc…

>Otherwise, thanks for keeping the peace out there and for enjoying Trout Point as a true treasure.  I know that 90% of the use out there is done with only good intentions and use that is respectful of nature and of others that enjoy it out there

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