Tennis Courts to be redone – June 2 weather permitting

Tennis court renovation will begin on June 2nd, weather permitting. During construction PLEASE stay off of the courts and keep children away from the construction!
Step one will be removal of the east and west low fences. Then the basketball goal will be placed in the northeast side of the courts, centered with the east tennis court. It will be placed approximately 2 ft from the fence. This will allow plenty of room for tennis players on that court as well. The goal location was chosen because of the sun direction. The sun will not be in the eyes of anyone that is playing.
Next they will pressure wash all cracks, fill them and level them. They will also be buffing and grinding the entire court where needed to make the surface as level as possible. The next step in the process is to install the rubber matting, which will be as close to the fence as possible. Finally the tennis nets, basketball backboard, fences and security cameras will be installed. The timing for completion will be dependent on the weather so please be patient–and STAY OFF THE COURTS UNTIL AN ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE THAT ITS TIME TO PLAY! This will be a first class, 25 year guaranteed sports court. Everyone’s cooperation will be needed to insure it gets installed correctly and that it is used within the guidelines. More to follow as we get closer to opening day.

Sent to the web page by HFPOA President Dayre Lias

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