Pool Parking Reminder and Dog reminder too

A neighbor asked if we would also remind everyone not to bring their dogs to Trout Point. He stated that he sees more and more people taking dogs down there [and more and more of what they leave behind on the trail]. The sign clearly states ‘no dogs’. If the Navy disallows Heron’s Forest residents from using Trout Point due to repeated disregard of Navy rules by selfish dog owners, I will be one very unhappy resident! Very Respectfully….

If anyone knows who owns the boat parked at the pool, please ask them to remove it immediately. There have been several violations of the parking rules as outlined in the Heron’s Forest Policy Guidance pamphlet. These are legal binding restrictions as authorized in the By Laws and Declaration (CC&Rs).

Street parking – streets and pool parking lot–Regulation initially passed by the Board in November 2004 , updated March 2013
Crowded streets create safety concerns for our children and walkers; impede rescue vehicles; and hamper mail delivery trucks, trash and garbage pick up vehicles and other commercial traffic. Our driveways were built for sufficient personal vehicle space to discourage street parking. Daylight parking on our streets should be temporary and infrequent. Overnight street parking is never permitted. Parking boat trailers or RVs on streets is not permitted but is permitted in your driveway for a period not more than 48 hours. Any commercial vehicle must be parked inside the garage. The pool parking lot is intended for pool and tennis visitors. Boat trailer and RV parking is prohibited at all times in the pool parking lot. Routine use of pool parking for any reason is not permitted. The occasional use of pool parking for your guests or workers is permitted if the property management company has been notified. (page 5, Heron’s Forest Policy Guidance)

This is a good reminder from our HFPOA President of Heron’s Forest parking regulations and the reasons for them.

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