Pressure washing (reminder)

All owners recently received a letter from Perdido Sand with an offer to pressure wash curbs, driveways, and sidewalks for $100. They can offer this rate because the Association has contracted with them to do all common areas.  With the mildew and rust stains we experience in Heron’s Forest, at some point  the work has to be done. After the common areas and your neighbors concrete is cleaned you will be sorry if you missed out. I have a pressure washer and do my own. At this rate I know I’ve done the work at far below the minimum wage!  If you are a renter and your lease requires you to maintain the property or you are an owner and did not receive the letter, call Shawn Millard at Perdido Sand Realty (850-492-2000) to sign up. Spring is around the corner and the clean up in the “Forest” is under way!

Thanks, Dayre

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