Mail Box repair parts

Problems with your mail box? A few mail boxes in Heron’s Forest had to be recently repaired or replaced due to damage or wear. The attached diagram and parts list should help do-it-yourself owners make repairs. If you need assistance obtaining parts or maintaining your mail box, contact the property manager, Shawn Millard at Perdido Sand Realty, 850-492-2000. mailbox


Beveled Cast Stone Cap                                             $17.00

Copper Colored Spacer                                               $  9.00

Lower Cast Stone Cap                                                $15.00

Upper Post (painted)                                                   $27.00

Paper Box (painted plus reflective numbers)              $125.00

Aluminum Mailbox                                                     $27.00

Cast medallion with vinyl decal                                 $18.00 each

Vinyl decals                                                                $15.50 pair

Cast Stone Spacer (below paper box)                         $17.00

Lower post with vinyl pad (painted)                          $47.00

Cast Concrete base (stucco finish)                              $35.00

Threaded Rod with Hardware                                                $12.00                        

Vinyl Numbers (newer boxes only)                            $ 1.75 each

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