Rumors of burglaries in our area

From HFPOA Presudent Dayre Lias:

Some rumors have recently been voiced that a burglary crime wave has hit our immediate area.  The Escambia County’s Sheriff’s department has informed us that these rumors are unfounded.  Security awareness is always a concern and Heron’s Forest can do a better job. Here are some recommendations from Deputy Dave Craig, the County’s Neighborhood Crime Watch manager:
1) Join the County’s Neighborhood Crime Watch program. It should be independent from the HFPOA. It would involve distributing Crime Watch literature to keep the “Forest” aware of methods to deter crime.
2) Monitor the Sheriff’s Crime Map web page (  It will enhance your level of awareness and answer any questions you have about crime in the area.
3) Do not hesitate to call 911 if you observe suspicious activity
If you are interested in volunteering to start a Neighborhood Crime Watch, please call Deputy Craig at 850-436-9281.
From this webmaster:
It’s a good idea to keep your garage doors closed (see Article IV Sec 9 CCR) as this not only contributes to the clean looks of our community;  it also keeps out the critters as well as possible intruders.   Keep car doors locked if parked outside as this may prevent someone from using your remote entry systems.


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