Tropical Storm Karen as 10/3/2013

Tropical Storm #1: Hurrricane Watch Issued for Escambia County

Thursday, October 3, 2013 – 9:03am

The National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane watch from Grand Isle, LA to Indian Pass, FL. This watch includes Pensacola and Escambia County, FL. No evacuations or emergency actions are being taken at this time.

A hurricane watch means that Hurricane Conditions are possible within the watch area. A watch is typically issued 48 hours before the anticipated first occurence of tropical storm force winds. Escambia County residents should review their watch plans and be ready to implement them should a warning be issued in our area.

Escambia County residents can refer to for a complete online disaster guide pertaining to various emergency situations and find information such as:

  • Important telephone numbers
  • Shelter information and locations
  • Disaster preparation shopping lists
  • Animal preparedness for pets, livestock and equine

2 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Karen as 10/3/2013

  1. HFPOA Hurricane Prep Committee says:

    The National Weather Service has issued a Hurricane watch for our area and as you are most likely aware Tropical Storm Karen is forecast to make landfall in our area sometime this weekend.

    Be ready. Please fill your cars with gas today and make any last minute preparations as soon as possible. For example refill prescriptions, make sure you have some non perishable food and drinking water, batteries for flashlights, and so on. By waiting until Saturday morning to run to the store you may find essential items sold out. Go through your 72hr kits. Remember the saying “the first 72 are on you!”

    Those who plan to use generators in the event of a power outage please do not connect them to your home wiring system unless you have a proper generator transfer switch. By connecting a generator to your home wiring you could seriously injure a power company lineman out working to restore power by back feeding the electricity produced by your generator on the power grid. So use extension cords to connect to the generator. Also do not close the generator in your garage while running it will cause the carbon monoxide to build up in your house and could kill you. Make sure the generator is in a well ventilated area outside at least 6’ away from windows and dryer vents.

    If you own a chain saw please have the required gas and oil ready in case we are called up to help clear downed trees. Remember to have a sharp chain.

    The following website links will provide information about storm prep (the second link for the news journal has the most info).

  2. Dayre Lias says:

    Check the Association’s Facebook page (Heron’s Forest Property Owners Association) for the latest updates and guidance for Heron’s Forest residents. Be ready, be safe!