Waiting for the school bus

Please be considerate of your neighbors on Grallatoral Circle. Residents are being denied access to their street every school day by parents blocking a left turn on to Grallatorial Circle after passing through the gate. The cluster of vehicles also poses a safety issue for YOUR children as they dodge between the parked cars. Please limit your time while waiting at the gate and do not block the intersection.  It is also a safety issue for any emergency vehicles.

Suggestions include: 1) park single file on the north side of Grallatorial and face towards Rookery, 2) park in the pool parking lot and walk up to meet your children.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the school bus

  1. Heather, while I don’t lose sleep over this issue at night, I do agree with the writer of this article. Sometimes getting thru the gate when the crowd has gathered for the bus is a daunting task. Having cars parked between the gates makes the area congested. And yes, the kiddos seem to appear from everywhere. Just my two cents here. I’ll eventually be joining the crowd at the bus stop in a year or two.

  2. As a resident and mother of a child that rides the bus I have yet to ever see someone “denied access” to their home on Grallatorial. I have parked near the gates at the area specified, but always have an awareness of leaving room for homeowner’s to make the left turn and for emergency vehicles or the trash/recycling trucks to have access to said street. I also have never witnessed a safety issue with the children “dodging” between the vehicles. Furthermore, to expect us to park at the pool is a little silly given the walk necessary to do so knowing many of us are toting little one’s along the way. In addition, there are no sidewalks, which in my opinion pose a more serious risk. I will have no problem parking on the left side of Grallatorial, but again, I don’t think there is a problem parking near the gates. In the heat and the rain, many of us are just trying to avoid the walk while toting our other children. Lastly, most of the parent’s are very vigilant in keeping an eye on things and I assure you if the street was ever congested enough to deny access, we would rectify the situation asap.