Tim and Starla Reno brought their family of reptiles to amaze and educate children at Southwest Branch Library Saturday. The Friends of the SWB Library sponsored the event which introduced alligators, tortoises, spiders, tarantula, bearded dragon, anacondas, pythons and more.

  • Tim is about to surprise SWBL children’s staff member Lisa Billings who is leading the children in the song 'Five Little Monkeys' as everyone anticipates her reaction
  • Tim feeds a huge tortoise some greens
  • Children break out in laughter as Tim lets his tarantula crawl all over his back and head
  • Tim Reno shows his Bearded Dragon
  • Tim shows us an Anaconda
  • Tim handles an alligatorrn
  • Tim handles an alligatorrn
  • Children line up to hold a 14' Reticulated Python

For information contact Tim Reno at or 850-393-3004

Cathy Ingram, 9/20/2012

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