Comments on Covenant Violation

Why do some resident’s feel they can endanger our property and perhaps lives due to their self-centered needs? Are they so “special” that covenant rules designed to insure Heron’s Forest residents’ safety, security and quality of life do not apply to them. Is it due to their enormous contributions to our community? Perhaps they pay more association fees to get their special privileges. More probably they have never been taught to understand the responsibility one accepts when they enter into an agreement to live within a community. Many of our residents take this responsibility very seriously. Most drive the speed limit, meticulously maintain their landscape , and lend a helping hand when their neighbors need assistance.

One serious item of concern for our childrens’ safety which has been voiced repeatedly at HFHOA board meetings is the speeding along our streets. It is one thing when it is a contractor or visitor–but we have residents that disregard the limits repeatedly. Their life can not be so important that they must reach their house a few minutes earlier by endangering other residents children.

boats in pool parking lotThe next selfish violation of the covenant which puts our safety and quality of life at risk is the parking of boats on our streets or in the pool parking lot. Although this is prohibited at any time, I am particularly concerned about it recently happening during Isaac. Most of us prepared for the impending storm by removing things from our patio, deck and lawn which could become missiles that could impact our neighbor’s homes. Many trimmed back trees, bushes and other debris. Some community-minded volunteers moved the pool furniture into the pool storage area so it could not be a hazard to homes or the community. And then one of our “special” residents decided to park his boats in the pool lot, further away from his home but perilously close to others. Boats pose a particular hazard when winds reach hurricane force. Those of us around during Ivan can attest to that. Many of us own boats and arrange for a safe off-site storage location when our marinas ell us to move it because of the impending storm. This photo shows where one or possibly two residents stored their boats during Isaac. I hope they get the message (or move) before our next crisis.

Dayre Lias, 8/28/2012

2 thoughts on “Comments on Covenant Violation

  1. Cathy Ingram says:

    I agree with the fact that placing boats and/or vehicles in the pool parking lot in anticipation of a storm is irresponsible. Herons Forest IS an exceptional community in Pensacola despite some of the disregard for the covenants. All you have to do is drive around and compare.
    My question is, was this violation communicated to the HF Board in a timely manner to enable The Board to consider action toward those responsible? If so, what was the decision/outcome?

  2. Jon Winters says:

    I put the boats in the pool parking lot during Isaac. One boat at the pool was mine. The other was another HF resident who could not move his because he just completed knee surgery. I brought my boat to my house and received a note from the board to move it to the pool parking lot. They were there for a minimal amount of time. I pulled them off the base when directed to move them out of Sherman Cove Marina. Sherman Cove Marina flooded during Hurricane Ivan. Heron’s Forrest didn’t. The pool parking lot didn’t come close. As soon as we were allowed to move the boats back to base, I did. I don’t think I am special and I don’t think I put anyone’s property in danger. Since someone does, I’ll find another place for the next storm. Jon Winters. 449-6316