Fellow Library Supporters

Thank you to everyone who attended last Thursday’s County Commission meeting, and/or called, wrote or emailed our Commissioners in support of funding The West Florida Public Library in the wake of the latest budget issue concerning unpaid Medicaid bills.

We appreciate the Commissioners’ stated support of the library. Many suggestions were discussed, some better than others. However, the agenda contains an item concerning the option for the Library MSTU Referendum for the $.35 mil tax. This is a preliminary but important step in securing our funding. This is the right direction!

Once again, we are asking for supporters in red to attend tomorrow’s meeting.
Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30PM, OPEN FORUM @4:30PM (you must sign up to speak).
Board of County Commissioners, 221 Palafox Pl (and Government St).

If you cannot attend, please be sure to contact all the County Commissioners first thanking them for their time and consideration, and then asking them to support a dedicated funding source for the library. You can send an email to all County Commissioners by clicking here and adding your comments. We do not wish to campaign every year for a share from the general fund. Contact list is attached.

Thank you all so much for your time and support. See you tomorrow!

Cathy Ingram, 4/16/2012

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