Thanks, Neighbors

#1 The Pool Party was a success! Two and one half hours of water, bleach and soap flying, but with the help of five volunteers (none of whom use the pool regularly), two power washers and some buckets and brushes, all the pool furniture has been cleaned and is out, ready for use. Thanks again for the heavy lifting – Lorraine Bracher, Shawn and Leon McLaughlin, and Mary Beth and John Englehardt.

#2 Spring is in bloom everywhere, but please take a minute to admire how lovely the azaleas around the pool parking lot look. Unlike the ones near the front gate, the pool area has been cared for by Terri Winter for the last few years. Her expertise in pruning has resulted in bushes exhibiting a natural flow to accentuate their blooms. Thanks, Terri..

Marcia Sevold, 3/17/2012.

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