Car Break-ins

All kinds of stories are developing so I think it is best to tell everybody what we know.

On the evening of 22 February, five unlocked cars were broken into on Rail Circle. There was no damage to the cars and it appears only loose items were taken. The incident was reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

I would like to stress that no houses were broken into nor was any property taken from the houses nearby.

We are wrestling with gate problems as I’m sure you’ve noticed. We believe that a reliable fix should be in place in a few days. I do not think the gate situation had anything to do with the car break ins.

Even with the gates working, we know that intruders can find a way to get in, but our camera security can help with this situation.

I recommend that you always keep your cars and homes locked as a precaution. It is too bad, but petty thievery will always be with us, and we shouldn’t make it too easy.

Paul Tobin, Your Association President, 3/1/2012

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