Friendly Reminder from HF Board

dog walker The number #1 complaint the past couple of months has been dog poop in the neighborhood! Please remember our covenants stress the need for pet owners to be responsible for prompt clean up and sanitary disposal of any solid pet excrement. (and, as an added reminder, poop is not to be pushed down the storm drains or placed in the pool house trash can)

Did you know that “abandoned dog poop can host diseases and /or parasites that can infect other dogs that come into contact with it, or be transmitted to people who accidentally step in it and track it home? Particularly at risk, of course, are children who play on the ground.” This information comes from animal resource coalitions who are very concerned about excrement being left behind.

Our weather has been unseasonably warm so naturally we are outside more and walking our dogs. Please remember there are restrictions on dogs down on the Trout Point Navy base boardwalk – and that means no dogs. Dogs on the boardwalk could mean that we, the occupants of Heron’s Forest, could lose our privileges and access to the boardwalk.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters.

Any further questions should be directed to Etheridge Property Management at 484-2611.

Cheryl Pyle, 2/9/2012.

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