Mystery Good Samaritan Neighbor

We returned from church tonight to find one of Spaniels waiting in the poring rain to greet us on the driveway. Not good; for see we have two and the second was no where to be found! The fence gate was broken this past week from the brick and we are having it fixed this weekend but thought it to be secure at the present. Well, we searched in the dark with rain coming down and calling loudly. Using bikes and vehicle, we started to comb the neighborhood when I came upon a neighbor walking his dog in the rain and I asked him if he had seen a little black spaniel. He said “yes, I was walking my dog with him as we try to find his owner”. With my heart racing and my eyes darting with worry, I spotted my sweet, scared, wet black spaniel slowly coming into the light behind him. I stopped the car and opened the car to put him in and was so concerned with the well being of my animal that I cannot actually tell you if I thanked this great neighbor for saving “Duke”. I am so appreciative that we do have such kind neighbors that actually look out for one another that I want to publically thank him for going out his way! I can’t begin to tell you who he is or what he really looks like because I was too upset to pay close attention. I do want to say “thank you” and if I ever see a man with a beige lab out walking, I will thank you personally for saving our dog. Sincerely, Ashley Fish (Grackle Court)

Ashley Fish 9/28/2011.

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