Heron’s Forest is a residential development on the west side of Escambia County in Pensacola, Florida, which was established in 1998. In consideration for the issuance of a State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Permit, the developer granted the DEP a Conservation Easement. It is the intent and purpose of this Conservation Easement to assure that the subject lands will be retained and maintained forever predominantly in the natural vegetative and hydrological condition existing at the time of execution.

The site includes a designated wetlands conservation area. It is isolated, protected, and contains healthy forest, including live oaks, sand pines, hickory, and magnolia. The development’s topography varies from 6 to 31 feet above sea level and includes some rolling hills on each side of a small creek, which is unusual for this area. The property is surrounded on three sides by the US Navy Trout Point Watchable Wildlife Area that includes 6,000 feet of white sandy beach, to which residents have access.